How to Set Up "" to Be Double-clickable on a Macintosh

The First Time You Double-click ""

The first time you double-click "" you will probably need to set "Terminal" as the default application. Once set, you will only need to double-click the file's icon to run the program.

Step 1

If you have never used a ".py" file before, you are likely to get something like this after double-clicking the icon. If the application is not "Terminal", click "Cancel." If it already says "Terminal," you can click "Open" and ignore the rest of this explanation.

Step 2

After clicking "Cancel" in Step 1, then "Choose Application."

Step 3

You will need to select "Enable All Applications" Then navigate to the "Utilities" folder within your "Applications" folder, select "Terminal" and click the "Open" button.

Wait While the Program Runs

When you see the following message in "Terminal," you will know the program has finished running.

Last Steps

Quit "Terminal" and eject your iPod.

If you forget to quit "Terminal," you will see the following error message.

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